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Chef Adam Blackett Launches Scrumptious L&J Recipes Series

28 Apr

Grab yourself a kitchen apron and get ready to cook a mesmerising menu of online recipes inspired by Adam Blackett, owner of The Farm Café here at Chigborough Fisheries. Trained in the classics of French cuisine, Adam is a wonderfully creative chef. No surprise then that he gets the L&J smokehouse party started with an exuberant Maldon Cure Smoked Salmon Sashimi Royale.


Your Delicious Easter L&J Smoked Salmon Awaits

6 Apr

Before we get to news on Easter deliveries for online orders, we'd like to confirm that, yes, it certainly is the legendary French chef Pierre Koffmann pictured with a board of Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon ready to go.


L&J Start Up Video Lands on Homepage After ITV Show

6 Apr

Inspired by our feature on ITV's Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, the Lambton & Jackson start up video has landed on our website homepage and is worth a quick click and view when you have a spare moment. 


L&J Shares Lunch Table With Chef Legend Pierre Koffmann

16 Mar

It's not often you sit down with a giant of French cuisine, so it was a real honour to have lunch with Pierre Koffmann recently. The legendary French chef shared a table at Sotheby's Restaurant with L&J master smoker Sean Jackson to exchange stories and impart a few pearls of culinary wisdom along the way.


L&J Features On ITV’s Love Your Weekend With Alan Titchmarsh

26 Feb

Fame at last is ours (well sort of) after our love of proper smoked salmon was broadcast to the nation on ITV's Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. The telly splash generated a big response and, most importantly, many people from across the land have now tried our smoked goodies for the very first time.


Click & Collect From L&J Smokehouse Available For Christmas Orders 2021

14 Dec

The good news is that you can still buy your smoked goodies from Lambton & Jackson in time for the festive celebrations. However, you will need to come and collect them from the smokehouse here at Chigborough.


Beautiful Salmon Gravlax Now Available to Buy Online from L&J

17 Nov

A little piece of L&J history was recently made in our neck of the woods. Not a jaw-dropping remember where you were moment when the news broke, but history nonetheless. We've just launched online that quintessential festive symbol of Scandinavian cuisine, Salmon Gravlax.


Smoked Fish Extras! Smoked Fish Extras! Read All About Them

14 Nov

The move into our fabulous purpose-built smokehouse means the quest to bring you the finest artisan smoked fish can accelerate. So it's great news for all you traditionalists as our latest range of smoked beauties include that historic icon of the British breakfast, the kipper. 


Place Your Orders as L&J Unveils Festive Schedule 2021; Final Delivery Day Set for December 23rd

27 Oct

The clocks haven't quite gone back but we still think it's time for a heads up on how the festive season is looking for our delivery schedule.  It's going to be busy, so we'd urge you to make those Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon orders (and much more besides) well before the online Christmas rush.


Divine Smoked Cheeses Now Available To Buy Online From The Cheese Cellar

9 Aug

Now we know, it's a slight departure from exquisite award-winning smoked salmon but our artisan smoked cheeses are just too yummy to keep from you any longer. Welcome everyone to Lambton & Jackson's latest online offering: The Cheese Cellar.