Darcy Lambton

23 October 2023

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Inspirational ideas for enjoying the best smokehouse goodies

First things first, National Seafood Month is an event originating from the United States. We’re not going to pretend otherwise. That doesn’t mean, though, that we shouldn’t use it to take inspiration over on this side of the pond! It’s easy to get into a rut with weekly menu planning, so sometimes it takes a bit of a nudge to feel inspired again. That’s why we want to use National Seafood Month as a springboard to look at some really great ways to celebrate a love for all things fishy.

Delight in old favourites

Food memory is a strong association. Sometimes we all need to indulge in the comfort of an old favourite for a meal. For you, this might be a smoked salmon and egg breakfast after a big night, or kippers and toast for tea on a cool autumn evening. Often, we can overthink seafood and assume that it should be dressed for a celebration or occasion. However, it can be that the simple old favourites are just what we need to feel comfortable and fulfilled.

Try something completely different

At the other extreme, why not try something completely out of your comfort zone? If you’re feeling stuck in a culinary rut, this can be the ideal kick to feel energised in the kitchen again. While many varieties of salmon (quite rightly) are popular as a classic, we’re at risk of losing appreciation of other classic British seafood ingredients. Why not try smoked eel or cod’s roe? These are traditional British favourites that you’re less likely to have experienced before. But as they’re so full of flavour they’re easy to use to pack a punch in simple and complex dishes alike.

Source good quality ingredients

Whether you’re looking for more variety in your cooking or want to maximise flavour in your current repertoire, quality is key. Simply by sourcing your seafood from a specialist supplier, you can elevate your cooking and dining experience. The adage is true that you can taste the difference based on the quality of the ingredient that you use. When an ingredient is so central to a dish as seafood is, it is always worth investing in the best produce. Our mission is to supply stunningly smoked seafood ingredients far and wide so that no one falls out of love with it again!

Eat out by the sea

There’s nothing quite like eating seafood on the coast. The sea air has the power to highlight the salty tones of dishes in a truly delectable way. So if you’re looking to rekindle a love for seafood, or even get some inspiration from the professionals, head to the coast! The Essex coast is full of wonderful restaurants specialising in seafood for those in the area. You can always pick up some fish to take home from our smokehouse while you’re in the locality! For those more South West based, the town of Torquay holds a festival in October called England’s Seafood Feast, in addition to all of the fresh restaurants operating year round.

Experiment with recipes

There are so many more ways to cook with seafood than most of us routinely appreciate. If you don’t fancy trying a new seafood ingredient, why not experiment with your recipe repertoire instead? Take ideas from around the world – Japanese inspired Sashimi dishes are light and fresh, for example. Or try punchy smoked salmon and chilli tacos with a Mexican edge. Then there are more seasonal pairings to try. In summer, serve your smoked salmon fillets with a mango, avocado and chilli salad. Then when winter rolls around, tap into earthier flavours with celeriac rosti.

Buy direct from suppliers

Online shopping has made connecting directly with suppliers so much more straightforward. It means that everyone can access premium ingredients without having to go through a third party. By connecting with suppliers, you can understand more about the produce that you consume. Not only this but you can tap into expertise and recommendations in a way that simply isn’t possible at the supermarket. Our deliveries stretch across mainland UK, and we use sustainable card, wool and icepack packaging. This keeps our produce cold and protected so that you receive the same quality ingredient as if you had swung by the smokehouse directly. Of course anyone in the locality is welcome to do just that! The smokehouse is typically open between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Share with friends and family

Don’t wait until Christmas to entertain friends and family. A dining occasion is a really positive and social way to find an excuse to cook with gusto! If there’s not a birthday or anniversary, then make something up! Sharing your love of seafood can help you to remember why you love it in the first place. To impress your nearest and dearest, make sure that you choose premium selections to serve. Try our Maldon Royals for the prime cuts of fish that will really wow your guests.

Use up your leftovers

Whether you have leftovers from a midweek staple, or from a dinner party, there’s no need to let seafood go to waste. Smoked varieties of fish like salmon, mackerel or even eel are incredibly versatile when it comes to using up leftovers. They flake wonderfully into risottos, chowders and creamy pasta dishes. Of course there’s a limit to how long you can keep seafood, so be sensible. However, learn how to get the most out of your cuts of fish, and you’ll understand the value of this versatile ingredient. With different angles of flavour depending on the surrounding dish, it really is something that you can’t get bored of.


Of course, we think that every month should be seafood month! Smoked fish shouldn’t be kept to a specific month, or seasonal occasion. However, we all need to be inspired with our cooking or eating every now and then. So we hope that you can find culinary inspiration here, and keep your love of seafood alive for many years to come.