Darcy Lambton

09 December 2023

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How to create a luxury festive spread with the wow factor

How to create a luxury festive spread with the wow factor

Whether you’re hosting extended family for the big day, or planning an intimate soiree over the festive period, you’ll likely be thinking about how to present your meal. Table spreads from nibbles and champagne to Boxing Day leftovers are one of the most photographed elements of the season. So if you want your occasion to be utterly Instagrammable as well as delicious, you should start thinking about the wow factor! Now’s the time look at the best ingredients, ambience, and design tips to capture the spirit of luxury dining this Christmas.

Use luxury ingredients for the menu

While the little details of a festive table might be pretty, the most important element of your Christmas dining table is the food. With this in mind, start with your menu and go from there. The last thing you want is to offer the promise of something magical only to disappoint with substandard food! For a luxurious menu, then, you need top quality ingredients.


A luxury festive dinner experience begins before your guests sit down. Relaxed canapes can set the mood and infuse the ambience with a taste of what’s to come! While it’s important for canapes to be pretty, it’s the flavours that will get people’s taste buds wanting more. Smoked salmon infused with extra depths of flavour are a great option here. All the ground work is done for you so you just need to assemble your delectable smoked salmon canape.

Starter Course

Your entrée should set the stage for what is to come. If you’re planning a classic turkey roast, keep things light to begin with a gravlax or smoked pâté appetiser. With rich flavours, these ingredients need very little fuss to still pack a punch.

Centre Piece

A luxurious festive dining table needs a star. In this instance, think about the key element to your main meal. Whether it’s a classic festive roast or a whole side of smoked salmon, this is the key flavour to your dining experience. Many of us want something a little different from turkey nowadays. In actual fact, alternative options are generally more delicious and certainly feel more luxurious!


With the classic Christmas pudding and Christmas cake as standard, make sure that you include something a little more dainty and light to round off your luxury festive menu.

Cheese Course

Perhaps few of us have room for a cheese course on the big day. However, for many it’s our favourite part of the luxury festive spread! Make sure that your luxury cheese board includes a good variety of consistencies and flavours. Our smoked Shropshire Blue is the perfect super star of any luxury cheese course.


Make sure that each of your courses is fully matched with a compatible wine. Getting the flavour matching right will elevate the taste of the food. To discover expert flavour matching for smoked salmon, head to our vineyard shop. As important is that the wine is plentiful! You don’t want anyone to be falling over, but equally no one should be left dry while enjoying a luxury festive meal.

Decor that oozes elegance

While it’s true that ingredients are the core luxury for a festive spread, table decor is really key in setting the scene. The thing with Christmas is that it can be hard to stay the right side of gaudy! So how do you get it right?

Table cloth

There’s going to be a lot going on the table, so if you’re covering a dining table, keep your cloth simple. Cotton cloths are classic, just make sure it is ironed. If you’re going for a rustic theme and want to use a farmhouse table to add to your aesthetic, go for a table runner instead.

Layered plates

Piling plates for different courses isn’t just for Instagram! It’ll save on trips to the kitchen for fresh plates as you move through courses. Visually, this technique brings a sense of depth to a table design. Contrast plate colours or designs for the most striking effect.


When we think of table accessories at Christmas, most of us will think of crackers. You either love them or hate them; for some even the most luxury table crackers are gaudy. Others would never have Christmas without them! If they’re not your thing, try table favours instead.

Personal touch

Something a little bit quirky or different will always make an experience feel more unique and special. So for a really luxurious festive spread, try to move away from the uniform show home set up and do something a little unusual. If you absolutely love pink, then why not have it as your colour scheme. There’s no rule that you have to stick to red and green! Also, it’ll tone in beautifully with the smoked salmon that you’ll serve!

Ambience and mood

A luxury festive spread should involve all of the senses. Getting each element right is what forms a complete experience.


Candles and fairy lights are festive favourites for a reason. They evoke a sense of atmospheric magic and give depth of light when all is dark outside. Entwine fairy lights around a centre piece and keep candles to side tables if you’re pushed for space.


Think of the sensory journey that your guests will experience. From citrus and cinnamon to gently cooking roasties, the scents of a dining experience are integral to the flavour of the food.


While the hubbub of genial chatter is the ideal soundtrack to any festive social occasion, don’t forget music. An elegant mix of seasonal joy should do the trick, but try to avoid those mercilessly repeated hammy tracks that most people are sick of by Christmas day!

Boxing Day Buffet

For many of us, the Boxing Day buffet is even more fun than the main event. It tends to be a bit more relaxed, and everyone is finally ready to eat again! It’s as important to have a balance of flavours on your buffet table though. Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon and certainly a side of kiln roast smoked salmon would be the undisputed stars of any buffet spread.

So without further ado, browse the luxury ingredients from our smokehouse and start to assemble your festive spread. We’re here to take the stress out of your menu planning and leave you with more time to enjoy the yummiest of yuletides with family and friends!