Darcy Lambton

23 August 2023

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How to dish up L&J inspired salmon sashimi with style

How to serve Lambton & Jackson Inspired Sashimi with Style

How do you make a splash when entertaining nowadays? As a host you’re keen to impress friends or family, but you also want to spend quality time together. It’s a challenge to strike a balance between the two, but thankfully this is just the moment when Lambton & Jackson smoked goodies can ride to your culinary rescue.

What is Sashimi?

Step forward, then, sashimi. Traditional sashimi is fresh, raw fish or meat sliced thinly and served uncooked. It is often the first course of a formal meal. The key element is that sashimi is served on its own on a bed of garnish as it’s the star of the dish! Inside our House of Sashimi, Lambton & Jackson’s smoked salmon is sliced slightly thicker to maximise the taste and texture of our smoked cuts.

Sushi and Nigiri

Essentially, sushi refers to any dish made with vinegared rice. It does not necessarily need to involve fish at all! Nigiri refers to a mound or oblong of rice with sliced fish draped atop. Pictured above, as an example, is smoked eel from Lambton & Jackson.

The Menu

How do you best use sashimi smoked salmon as part of a dinner? The wonderful thing about our sashimi cuts is that the principal work is done for you. Simply serve on a platter and your guests can help themselves. Now you can relax and enjoy their company rather than breakdown in the kitchen when the soufflé collapses.

Sushi Party

Sticking to the theme, you could include your sashimi within a sushi party. With everyone free to choose their own combinations from the table, you get all the taste with much less stress. You may set your sashimi salmon amongst ready-made sushi rolls, or allow your guests to make their own.

As a Starter

There’s nothing quite like our smoked salmon as a light and refreshing starter. Serving a starter sashimi style does not necessarily mean that the rest of the meal has to follow the same format. Keep it simple with thinly sliced salad components and allow your sashimi cut to shine!

Summer Spread

In fact, there’s no law that sashimi cut smoked salmon needs to be served in a Japanese style at all! Sashimi salmon makes a wonderful part of a summer spread. Mix and match a variety of smoke styles to create a wonderfully eclectic selection.

Serving Suggestions

What are the ideal accompaniments for your sashimi? Obviously this depends on your own preferences, you may want to go traditional or experimental! These are just a few suggestions, since salmon is so versatile the options are almost limitless.

  • Traditional serving style is to drape over a garnish. The typical garnish is daikon which is an Asian white radish, shredded into long thin strands.
  • Don’t limit yourself though! A variety of sashimi garnishes like cucumbers, carrots and seaweeds will make a stunning central platter.
  • Alternatively, serve with sauces and condiments. A soy dipping sauce, wasabi paste and fresh grated or pickled ginger are common accompaniments.
  • Team your sashimi with fruity salads, minted potatoes and sourdough bread for a refreshing and delicate summer evening meal.

Nowadays more or less anything goes. So however you decide to serve our sashimi sliced smoked salmon, the essential preparation has already been done in the smokehouse leaving you to focus on your sizzling repartee! Browse our ranges here!