The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse

More or less from the day we started smoking salmon in early 2014 our business grew but over time, as word spread, the pace of growth picked up. When you smoke salmon with love, passion and a commitment to deliciousness demand invariably soars. Five years later and we had reached the cusp of production capacity in our humble artisan smokehouse. 

It was time to think seriously about a move. The thing was we never wanted to leave our home at Chigborough Fisheries on the edge of Maldon. Encircled by glistening fishing lakes, this rural haven for anglers is for obvious reasons the perfect setting for salmon smokers. 

Home sweet new home …. L&J founders Darcy Lambton and Sean Jackson outside smokehouse

As a food enterprise though we were at a crossroads. Then we had a double stroke of good fortune. A nearby plot of land became available for redevelopment at Chigborough along with potential grant funding for a new build project. So when planning permission was eventually granted, staying put became an achievable and affordable ambition.    

It was therefore a day of huge celebration at Lambton & Jackson when the grant application with The EU Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and The Rural Community Council of Essex was approved. We then spent the best part of five months building a fabulous new facility. In keeping architecturally with our surroundings it provides the perfect culinary environment for making the best smoked salmon and other yummy smoked products. 

So by March 2020 we had moved into our stellar premises, but then the pandemic hit and the nation went into lockdown. Despite the impact on hospitality and our wholesale business, we traded throughout not least thanks to our many magnificent online customers who adore Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon. 

Sky’s the limit with L&J smokehouse

Proper smoked salmon country

It’s been an extraordinary journey to get here. There is a long way to go, but we’re ready. Thanks to the smokehouse the stage is now set for us to produce for food lovers everywhere the UK’s tastiest range of smoked salmon and much more besides long into the future. So fasten your napkins and let’s all enjoy the ride.

Oh, and one final but very important message, if you’re ever in the area please feel free to visit us. It’s a lovely rewarding excursion and what’s more you can buy our award-winning smoked salmon straight from the smokehouse. We look forward to seeing you!