Awards & Stars

salmon on a chopping board

Maldon Cure
It’s not often we leave the smokehouse. When we do it’s usually for a very worthwhile cause, like picking up an award. And we must confess, it’s a super feeling to get the recognition.

Take our Maldon Cure smoked salmon. It received three stars at the 2019 Great Taste Awards. There were 12,772 entries that year, yet only 208 products won the magical three stars. As you can imagine, we were pretty chuffed.

The judges said our Maldon Cure smoked salmon was “fabulously well balanced and interesting in depth and character with a succulence that melts and dissipates majestically in the mouth.” Fittingly, our equally majestic Maldon Royal fillet is cut from our Maldon Cure smoked salmon.

salmon on a wooden table

Juniper Smoked Salmon
In fact, the accolades stretch across our smoked salmon range, otherwise known as The Maldon Collection. In 2018, our Juniper smoked salmon received two stars at The Great Taste Awards.
On that occasion the judges wrote that it was “powerful, but not overpowering, all the judges found themselves wanting more. A clear level above the standard smoked salmon offering. Delicious!”

salmon being smoked

Maldon Deep

Back in 2017, our Maldon Deep smoked salmon proved a triumph winning the smoked fish category at The Great British Food Awards.

The judge then was The Financial Times food critic Tim Hayward who said that the “Maldon Deep was a clear winner for me. It had a good, strong smoky flavour – they obviously tend their smoker with great care.”

Well we certainly do that, and our Maldon Deep smoked salmon has impressed some major figures in the culinary world. They include the celebrity chef Marcus Wareing who has often featured our Maldon Deep on the Christmas menu at his flagship restaurant Marcus in London.