Lambton & Jackson Smoked Salmon Chowder with Leek, Potato & Chives

Sometimes the home comforts of a deliciously creamy chowder are unsurpassable. Here we take the basic building blocks of a chowder and enhance with Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon. This is a fabulous example of when our smoked salmon trimmings would make an ideal ingredient.

Ingredients (Serves Two)

Unsalted butter (100g)

1 Leek

1 Garlic Clove

500g Potatoes (Maris Piper/King Edward)

Vegetable or Chicken Stock (750 ml)

Double Cream (50 ml)

L&J Smoked Salmon or L&J Smoked Salmon Trimmings (200g)

50g Chives


Step 1. Melt knobs of butter in a suitable saucepan.

Step 2.  Once melted added your thinly sliced leeks to soften and crushed garlic.

Step 3. Then add peeled potatoes which should be cubed into small bitesize chunks.

Step 4. Keep on a low heat and spoon over with melted butter as ingredients gently cook.

Step 5. After a few minutes pour in vegetable stock and simmer until potatoes are soft.

Step 6. With a few minutes to spare add the double cream and sliced smoked salmon.

Step 7. Finish off with a sprinkling of chopped chives. If you prefer, feel free to use dill or parsley instead.

Serve in soup bowls and enjoy with some crusty bread!