Welcome to Lambton & Jackson’s online recipes page. Let’s get one thing straight. Eating our multiple award-winning smoked salmon or smoked eel in its purest form is, in our view, unbeatable. Yet people like to dabble on a culinary riff once in a while, especially if they have a little smoked salmon left over after an almighty feast. Many of the suggestions will also serve as a great way of extracting maximum value out of our smoked salmon trimmings.

So every month we’ll publish a smoked salmon or smoked eel dish designed to inspire. Watch out for chef recommendations too. As a supplier to many talented kitchen maestros, we’d love to share their thoughts on what you can make. The aim is simple. Provide super delicious recipes; nothing too technical or time consuming. Enjoy and, naturally, bon appétit.

Lambton & Jackson Smoked Salmon Chowder with Leek, Potato & Chives

April 14, 2021

Sometimes the home comforts of a deliciously creamy chowder are unsurpassable. Here we take the basic building blocks of a chowder and enhance with Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon. This is a classic example of when our smoked salmon trimmings would be ideal.

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