Oak Smoked Cheddar & Purlai Gold

Oak Smoked Cheddar & Purlai Gold (375 ml)


We’re teaming up with New Hall Vineyards to bring a pairing made for wine and cheese lovers. Purlai Gold is a dessert wine which has dazzled critics winning a gold medal at the 2021 International Wine & Spirit Competition. Inspired by the ice winemakers of Alsace, Purlai Gold is produced from both Bacchus and Schonburg vines and then aged in chestnut barrels to deliver a sweet and luscious digestif. Combined with a large block of our deeply moreish Oak Smoked Cheddar and you have a partnership destined for legendary dinner party status.

Oak Smoked Cheddar x 1 Large Block (900g approx) & Purlai Gold x 1 bottle (375 ml)