Darcy Lambton Author

Divine Smoked Cheeses Now Available To Buy Online From The Cheese Cellar

9 Aug

Now we know, it's a slight departure from exquisite award-winning smoked salmon but our artisan smoked cheeses are just too yummy to keep from you any longer. Welcome everyone to Lambton & Jackson's latest online offering: The Cheese Cellar.


The Caviar Palace Opens For Deliciously Decadent Business

9 Jun

The time for some major indulgence has surely arrived, frankly it's the very least that you deserve. So you're all invited without further ado to Lambton & Jackson's lavishly luxurious online food residency, The Caviar Palace.


L&J Unveils Smokin’ New Recipes Blog

7 Jun

When you have a moment please check out our new recipes blog which was recently launched to bring you a touch of smoked salmon or smoked eel kitchen inspiration. 


L&J Smokebox Range Arrives To Spread Festive Cheer

16 Nov

It seems Christmas won't be exactly normal this year, but some traditions will remain the same no matter what. Our commitment to bring you joy with the finest artisan smoked salmon for one. Now there's another reason to smile thanks to the introduction of our gift box range - The Smokebox - with three wickedly delicious options.


L&J Launches Award-Winning House Of Sashimi Smoked Salmon Range

17 Sep

So we're thoroughly delighted to announce the launch of our utterly gorgeous and unique House of Sashimi range. In this online emporium of deliciousness, things are done a little differently. Here we delicately hand-slice the salmon in a downwards vertical fashion.


L&J Continues to Deliver Smoked Salmon Across Mainland UK

18 Mar

So as the nation slowly emerges from lockdown, here at Lambton & Jackson we still want people to isolate when required with the very best home delivered smoked salmon. That's why we continue to apply large discounts across our award-winning range including 30% off whole sides.


Spectacular New L&J Salmon Smokehouse Opens for Production

15 Mar

After months of construction we've finally moved into our new purpose-built all-singing smokehouse facility. Conveniently, it's a mere hop and a skip down the road.


Sunday Telegraph Puts L&J Maldon Deep Smoked Salmon in the Top Five

13 Nov

Exciting news, our Maldon Deep smoked salmon has made headlines in the national press. It featured in The Sunday Telegraph as part of an article on the very best unsliced sides of smoked salmon to order for the festive season.