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Pre-order to guarantee your festive L&J smoked beauties

19 Nov

It's that time of year again already, but let's not fret about the accelerated passage of time. Instead, we should celebrate because divine award-winning Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon and other smoked delights are heading your way soon. The festive period looks busier than ever, so as always we recommend placing your orders before the last minute online stampede.


Lambton & Jackson wins Gold at Great British Food Awards 2023

3 Nov

Thrilling news folks, Lambton & Jackson has just taken first place in the smoked fish and seafood category at this year's Great British Food Awards. It comes after head chef Kevin Barber of the Scottish five-star hotel Links House at Royal Dornoch awarded our smoked salmon pate gold in the final. In the words of competition organisers, the victory means our pate can now be regarded as one of the very best products of its kind in the nation's food and drinks sector.


Inspirational ideas for enjoying the best smokehouse goodies

23 Oct

First things first, National Seafood Month is an event originating from the United States. We’re not going to pretend otherwise. That doesn’t mean, though, that we shouldn't use it to take inspiration over on this side of the pond! It’s easy to get into a rut with weekly menu planning, so sometimes it takes a bit of a nudge to feel inspired again. That’s why we want to use National Seafood Month as a springboard to look at some really great ways to celebrate a love for all things fishy.


A serving of luxury afternoon tea suggestions that takes the cake

27 Sep

The afternoon tea is a British institution, a nation defining pastime that only seems to be growing in popularity. An afternoon tea taken in a swish hotel is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion, but it's equally rewarding when enjoyed in a more relaxed setting at home. Menu options abound from a slice of cake and a cuppa to a more baroque spread of scones, pastries, fizz and, of course, Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon sandwiches.


How to dish up L&J inspired salmon sashimi with style

23 Aug

How do you make a splash when entertaining nowadays? As a host you're keen to impress friends or family, but you also want to spend quality time together. It's a challenge to strike a balance between the two, but thankfully this is just the moment when Lambton & Jackson smoked goodies can ride to your culinary rescue.


Pate and Juniper land stars galore at UK’s foodie Oscars

3 Aug

It's time for a little celebration here at Lambton & Jackson after we picked up four glittering stars at this year's Great Taste Awards. A one pot wonder of deliciousness, our smoked salmon pate received two gold stars as did our Juniper smoked salmon which judges described as "astoundingly delicious."


What makes for the ultimate luxury summer picnic?

19 Jul

School’s out and everyone’s discussing the weather. This can only mean one thing - picnic eating is on the cards! We’re not talking about the kind of grab and go picnic that you might experience on a road trip, though. This is the ultimate luxury summer picnic. It’s long, social, and sumptuous. It’s the stuff that memories are made of, and no summer is complete without one… or two… okay, quite a few actually!


The Sunday Times lavishes praise on L&J smoked salmon range

4 Jun

In case you missed it, we recently received absolutely stellar coverage in The Sunday Times, the UK's largest selling broadsheet newspaper. The weekend before the coronation of King Charles III, the paper's star columnist India Knight served up an extraordinarily generous review of Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon in the main magazine. So without further ado, here is India's cracking column in its entirety.


L&J Coronation Cure smoked salmon takes centre stage

28 Apr

To mark the coronation of King Charles III, we are delighted to unveil our limited edition and abundantly delicious Coronation Cure smoked salmon. With a gastronomic nod to the coronation of 1953, a carefully curated blend of spices combine to produce a smoked salmon of wondrous complexity befitting the grandest of royal celebrations.


Why L&J smoked salmon is a super healthy food choice

24 Mar

We've long known that Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon is a delectable treat for any occasion. Whether enjoyed as part of a festive banquet or layered on top of a breakfast bagel for one, it's loved by many. However, there’s one extra factor that sets it apart from other food indulgences: our smoked salmon is actually rather good for you.