Darcy Lambton

19 July 2023

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What makes for the ultimate luxury summer picnic?

School’s out and everyone’s discussing the weather. This can only mean one thing – picnic eating is on the cards! We’re not talking about the kind of grab and go picnic that you might experience on a road trip, though. This is the ultimate luxury summer picnic. It’s long, social, and sumptuous. It’s the stuff that memories are made of, and no summer is complete without one… or two… okay, quite a few actually!

The Kit

A picnic isn’t a picnic unless you have some basic kit. For the ultimate luxury summer picnic, though, you’ll need something a bit more extravagant than a standard picnic blanket and a box of scotch eggs.

Salmon board

Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon is the ideal food for alfresco summer dining. Just take your pick from our Maldon Collection, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous opt either for some Cherrywood smoked salmon or gravlax sashimi.

On the day itself though, who wants to dole out our award-winning smoked salmon from an unglamorous range of Tupperware containers? This does not a luxury picnic make! Instead, serve your luxury picnic smoked salmon from one of our glorious handcrafted Salmon boards.


Not only does a classic willow basket have the quintessential look of a luxury picnic, it’s a practical piece of kit too. Cutlery, crockery and drinkware is all securely strapped in, with insulated space for your wine and Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon!

Dining Table

Don’t fancy slumming it on a picnic blanket? Try adding a dining table to the mix. There are stunning portable wooden tables out there, or use old pallets with cushions to sit on for a fabulously rustic look.


From ground cloths to table cloths to napkins, linen is the go to fabric for a luxury picnic. It’s light and fresh, giving the ultimate in effortless elegance to your picnic. Since this is the UK, it’s wise to have a waterproof lined blanket option as there’s always a chance of damp ground!

To Eat

When we host a luxury picnic, we put as much thought into the menu as we would a dinner or lunch. Yes, a picnic should not be heavy going but that does not mean that quality or taste pairings should be thrown out of the window! From nibbles to main course to sweet treats, these are some must haves for your picnic menu.

Smoked Salmon

An absolute must for every picnic, Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon is the centre piece for your table (or blanket!) Perhaps you prefer the flair of cutting a whole side in front of your guests. Or just enjoy the ease of pre-cut Maldon Cure smoked salmon D slices or long slices as you mingle and enjoy the sunshine.


A luxury picnic should have an extensive cheese board, with chutneys and fruits on the side. Among the hard, soft, creamy and herby cheese options don’t forget to include smoked cheese. Our oak smoked cheddar and smoked Shropshire blue add a depth of flavour to complete your luxury cheese board.


Spread on crispbreads, crackers or a sourdough, pâté is ideal for picnic eating. It’s smooth, easy to serve and delicious! Our smoked salmon and smoked mackerel pâtés are perfect to serve as nibbles, grazing food or as part of your luxury picnic lunch.

To Drink

We’ve done the hard work for you and paired both our smoked salmon and smoked cheddar with a selection of British wines from New Hall Wine Estate. So you can order in the restful knowledge that your wine will complement your food perfectly. Seasonal cordials are an ideal summer soft drink.  If you have time, make your own with seasonal fruits.

The Ambience

From a secluded woodland to the bottom of your garden, accessorise your picnic with these luxurious touches.


We’re not suggesting a fire hazard here. Just some carefully placed citronella candles to keep any airborne pests away! They’ll add to the ambience especially as evening approaches.


It’s not always the most practical move to have your luxury picnic in a wild flower meadow. For an accent of floral decor, place jars of wild flowers on the table if you have one, or just around your picnic site.


A little bit of comfort never goes amiss for any social situation, and a luxury picnic is no different. From blankets to cushions, bring your own soft seating for when the eating is done and socialising comes to the fore.

A picnic menu should be delicious, but we don’t think you should have to sweat the small stuff. So our online store offers both taste and ease of preparation. Shop the ranges here.