Darcy Lambton

05 March 2023

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Cookery writer Diana Henry inspires with yummy Maldon Deep combo

Naturally, we love it when stars of the British food world big up our products. So we were thrilled to read the award-winning food writer Diana Henry recently hand our Maldon Deep smoked salmon an incredible endorsement on her instagram page. After having some for her lunch, the author of many acclaimed cookery books didn’t hold back, describing our Maldon Deep smoked salmon as “exceptional” to her 122,000 social media followers.

In the post Diana wrote,”the smoke is perfect (not too much …) and the texture is great, firm but buttery.” So what did Diana have for lunch? Well it was a relatively simple affair, in essence relying on the quality of products. Our Maldon Deep smoked salmon was combined with scalded rye bread from Karaway Bakery and a delightfully whipped cream cheese from Paysan Breton.

Having tried and tested for ourselves, we can safely say it’s a knockout and just so easy to make. All the ingredients are available online, so please do give it a go.