Darcy Lambton

01 November 2022

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Judge Mitch Tonks Highly Commends Gravlax at Great British Food Awards

Our Gravlax Sashimi is knockout good, but don’t just take our word for it. We now have independent verification from one of the UK’s leading restauranteurs, Mitch Tonks. The founder of Rockfish ranks it among the best he’s ever tasted after judging the seafood and smoked fish category at this year’s Great British Foods Awards.
Our delicious homage to the Scandinavian salmon classic isn’t smoked of course, but there’s still plenty of expertise required in curing to ensure the end product, sliced in the sashimi style, hits the right notes of flavour.
In his deliberations, Great British Food judge Mitch Tonks highly commended our Gravlax Sashimi saying it’s “a really nice product, cured well, not too sweet with the lovely fragrance of dill, one of the best Gravlax I’ve tasted. The cut is good which gives it a wonderful texture.”
That’s rich praise from a hospitality legend operating nine acclaimed fish restaurants across south-west England and who in the summer won Group Restauranteur of the Year Award at The Cateys.
Back to the Gravlax, and product sizes vary from 200g, 400g up to a glorious whole side (pictured below right). Typically a whole side weighs between 1 kg and 1.2 kgs.
So if you fancy a proper Nordic themed festive season then we have you covered because alongside our Gravlax Sashimi there’s also our award-winning Juniper smoked which has two gold stars to its name from Great Taste.