Darcy Lambton

17 November 2021

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Beautiful Salmon Gravlax Now Available to Buy Online from L&J

A little piece of L&J history was recently made in our neck of the woods. Not a jaw-dropping remember where you were moment when the news broke, but history nonetheless. We’ve just launched online that quintessential festive symbol of Scandinavian cuisine, Salmon Gravlax.
It’s a big break with our production tradition because Gravlax isn’t smoked, but we merrily embrace change when it tastes this good. We hope you will too.
After plenty of R&D (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it), we’ve brought our Salmon Gravlax out just in time for the yuletide festivities. It comes sliced in a slightly thicker sashimi style.
Product sizes vary from 200g, 400g up to a glorious whole side (pictured below right). Typically a whole side weighs between 1 kg and 1.2 kgs.
So with our Juniper smoked salmon already a firm long standing favourite, you really can have a Nordic infused Christmas to remember with an additional order of our delicious Salmon Gravlax.