Smoked Fish Extras! Smoked Fish Extras! Read All About Them

The move into our fabulous purpose-built smokehouse means the quest to bring you the finest artisan smoked fish can accelerate. So it’s great news for all you traditionalists as our latest range of smoked beauties include that historic icon of the British breakfast, the kipper.

In the summer The Cheese Cellar appeared on the online scene and has already proved a big hit. Smoked Fish Extras form the next set of products to debut.
Our smoked mackerel (filleted or whole) and kippers are very popular with wholesale customers. Given that we think it’s only fair that you get the chance to enjoy them too.
We’ve also rustled some great recipes with these new items featured. Keep an eye out for those on our Recipes blog. They’re inspired by chef Adam Blackett who recently opened The Farm Cafe at Chigborough.
It’s must visit for anyone who fancies the finest of Essex brunches and a whole lot more.