Darcy Lambton

07 June 2021

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L&J Unveils Smokin’ New Recipes Blog


Check out our new recipes blog which was recently launched to bring you a touch of smoked salmon or smoked eel kitchen inspiration.

Naturally for us, eating our multiple award-winning smoked salmon or smoked eel in its purest form is unsurpassable. At most a dash of freshly squeezed lemon and a smidgen of ground pepper are all that’s required if that. Yet we also appreciate that from time to time you’ll want to flex your culinary muscles.
So every month we’ll publish a dish to capture your imagination. As a supplier to many talented kitchen maestros, we’d also love to share their thoughts on what you can make. The aim is simple. Provide super delicious recipes; nothing too technical or time consuming. Just like this cheeky delicious number in the photo: Maldon Cure smoked salmon with English asparagus and mint hollandaise.
So head to the blog and see what takes your fancy. Enjoy and, naturally, bon appétit.