Darcy Lambton

15 March 2020

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Spectacular New L&J Salmon Smokehouse Opens for Production


After months of construction we’ve finally moved into our new purpose-built all-singing smokehouse facility. Conveniently, it’s a mere hop and a skip down the road. So we’re absolutely delighted to be still located within the lakes of Chigborough Fisheries on the idyllic rural fringes of Maldon.


The official opening is scheduled for a little later in the year plus we have a dazzling array of talented chefs coming to vist in the months ahead.


We’ll keep you posted on those events via the website and social media but if you want to see some pictures of our new home as it is now just head to our Instagram page.


It’s been quite an odyssey to get here over the last six years, but now a new and even more exciting chapter has begun in the Lambton & Jackson adventure.


And of course, as our ever loyal customers you are all cordially invited to join us on that journey.


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